2014 Call for Papers

Word’s Worth Call for Proposals

The Word’s Worth committee at Illinois State University invites graduate students to submit proposals for the ISU Word’s Worth Conference to be held on February 7th, 2014.  (Deadlines: Early Bird November 1st, Regular January 1st ). All proposals may be submitted through our online form at ISUWordsWorth.com.

Although proposals on all topics related to English Studies are welcome, we especially encourage proposals that address the 2013-14 Conference theme, “Word Play.” On the one hand, word play can be associated with our creativity and our desire to rejoinder an audience with clever responses, which may take the form of parody, irony, double entendre, and pun. On the other hand, word play is a serio-ludic enterprise that make the work of wordsmithy serious play and playful work. Put differently, word play is the antithesis of a Taylorist notion of writing as drudgery.

“Word Play” extends beyond our institution’s walls in co-curricular, pre-professional, pedagogical, and research settings. It takes place on campus, in the community, or around the world. It occurs in the presence of faculty, or in their absence. We make significant connections between and among our colleagues, our courses, our pedagogies, our communities, and our lives through our use of word play.

In this conference setting, we intend to foster, develop, advance, and energize the use of word play so that word play becomes intentional as opposed to primarily serendipitous. We invite full- and part-time graduate students from every area of English Studies and related fields to submit proposals. Those who engage in word play in co-curricular contexts are invited to share the results of and insights gained from their recent projects, perform a creative work, share research, and/or reflective experiences in one of the following formats:

  • 15-minute presentation (maximum 2 presenters)
  • 50-minute panel presentation (at least 3 and no more than 5 presenters)

Through our online form at ISUWordsWorth.com, please submit a brief biography for each presenter (max 150 words) and an abstract for the presentation (max 250 words for single presentation, 500 words for panel.)  Alternately, you may e-mail ryanedel (at) illinoisstate (dot) edu with your proposal.  For e-mailed proposals, please attach two separate pages: (1) cover sheet including your name(s), presentation title, e-mail address, brief bio, and technology needs; and (2) your abstract (250 or 500 words) with the presentation title but no other identifying information. E-mailed proposals must be submitted electronically as an attachment in .doc, .docx, or .rtf format by January 1st.

If you need some advice for designing an effective proposal, please consult these recommendations and sample session descriptions provided by ISU’s Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology. And be sure to Like Word’s Worth on Facebook.

Please do not include your name or other identifying information within the body of your abstract.

The symposium is a supportive environment for innovative, creative, and pedagogical research in English Studies. Here you can share your individual research interests with a variety of scholars within English departments from central Illinois.  It facilitates the sharing of innovative research, scholarly, creative, and pedagogical work in English Studies.

Scholars with questions about the Symposium should feel free to either Contact Ryan Edel or to post questions to our Facebook Page.