Monday, February 3, 2014

Cristina Sanchez-Martin - TESOL

Cristina Sanchez-Martin - "The Corpus of Contemporary American English: a tool for ESL learners to perform agency"

The aim of this paper is to propose learning tools for ESL learners that can help them develop and perform their agency in real life communicative exchanges in an Anglo-American context. In particular, I claim that the Corpus of Contemporary American English can be a supportive tool to use both in the ESL classroom by teachers and outside the classroom by the students themselves, especially for those with a high level of English, like international students at American universities. I will focus on three grammatical aspects of the English language as linguistic items that, once seen in the classroom, students can further explore by looking at the Corpus of Contemporary American English.

Presenter Bio
Cristina Sanchez-Martin is a PhD student of English at ISU focusing on TESOL/Linguistics. Her main interests are on translingual rhetoric and cross-cultural communication.

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