Monday, December 3, 2012

New Directions Proposal: Complicating Composition: The Hybridity of Writing and Speaking in the Composition Process

Laurenn D. Jerema will present "Complicating Composition: The Hybridity of Writing and Speaking in the Composition Process"

Abstract: I would like to explore the hybridity of writing and speaking. Traditionally, individuals have focused on written aspects of the composition process, such as writing outlines, drafts, and revisions. When speaking is incorporated into the composition classroom, it’s treated as a separate task from writing, such as giving a speech after composing a work. Thus, I plan to present how incorporating speaking components into the composition process provides a unique perspective to one’s work. Strategies such as reading one’s work aloud or having another individual read a writer’s work aloud to him or her allows writers to hear how their work actually sounds outside of the image they have constructed in their head. Elements such as tone and style can be explored to a greater extent when hearing a written piece read aloud, since writers typically have preconceived notions of these elements that are not questioned unless they hear them in a new voice.
My presentation would begin by explaining some of the theory that supports incorporating speaking into written composition processes, including elements of Jason Palmeri’s Remixing Composition: A History of Multimodal Writing Pedagogy. Next, I would discuss specific lessons/activities/ideas to utilize when emphasizing speaking while writing. These ideas include reading writing aloud, having students interview each other about their composition processes, and conducting a peer review that encourages and requires a conversation between author and reviewer. These activities help students view writing in a new way and understand the benefits of combining writing and speaking while composing.

Laurenn Jarema is a first year English Master’s student at ISU with a specialization in Rhetoric and Composition. Her research interests focus on Composition Pedagogy, and specifically, on alternative methods for teaching composition in the classroom. It is these research issues that have led Laurenn to consider how the hybridity of writing and speaking can be incorporated in the classroom to positively impact students’ experiences with composition and assist them in viewing their text in new ways.

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