Monday, December 3, 2012

New Directions Proposal: Hybrid Fiction: The Huckleberry Finn Genre

Katie DuBois will present "Hybrid Fiction: The Huckleberry Finn Genre"

Abstract: The purpose of this presentation is to describe and to show the construction of a hybrid creative work. Hybridity in the realm of creative writing is a relatively new genre and one that is unfamiliar to most. Furthermore, those who write in the hybrid genre have not clearly defined it. The genre is a prime example of hybridity in that it asks writers to create a text from multiple genres and texts. The formation of such writing may seem mysterious or haphazard to uninformed viewers. To others, it may remind them of Huckleberry Finn’s concept of borrowing versus stealing, but creative writers prefer the term appropriation. Writers may appropriate texts from any source such as articles, other fictional work, songs, advertisements, etc. But they need not be strictly text, but also can be pictures and video. The combination of these works is the creative part and one that I intend to describe and demonstrate with the goal of defining and demystifying the creation of work in this genre.

Katie DuBois is a first year Master's student in the English Department on the creative writing track. Her focus is on hybrid work, using both linguistics and German as influences. She has presented in two undergraduate symposia while a student at Lake Forest College. Her work has previously been included in the University's literary magazine, Euphemism, and the Lake Forest College foreign language magazine, Collage.

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