Monday, December 3, 2012

New Directions Proposal: Hybridity of Cultural Studies and Composition Pedagogy

Kayla A. Bruce will present "Hybridity of Cultural Studies and Composition Pedagogy"

Abstract: I am proposing an individual paper focusing on the hybrid topics of culture and composition. In my presentation I would like to explore the hybridity of composition pedagogy and cultural studies and what this hybridity could look like in a 101 classroom, along with CHAT. These components of the English Studies model can, and I would argue, should, be used in more hybrid ways in the composition classroom. Most Illinois State University students are from the same geographical area of central Illinois. While these students do have a culture, they may not realize that they do and they may not be aware of the way that their culture and the compositions they create intersect with people or texts or compositions of other cultures.  I would like to argue that this kind of cultural awareness is really important to teach in our 101 composition classrooms, because the creation of texts in those classrooms are influenced by and do reflect other cultural texts, whether we realize it or not. CHAT fits into this model really well, as it will help students identify these concepts. Addressing the hybridity issues of culture and composition engages issues of awareness and the willingness to see the lines of  “Self” and “Other” as blurry, and thus addresses the idea of identity. I would like to explore some of these different issues and the ways that instructors can help students make these connections and open up a “in between” cultural space for our students in the 101 classroom.

Kayla Bruce is in her first year of her Master's in English, focusing on Composition and Rhetoric. She is interested in the way that Cultural Studies intersects with the field of Composition and Composition Pedagogy. She hopes to pursue a PhD after her Master's program in order to teach at the college level. She is interested in studying Composition Pedagogy and the way it works in introductory composition classrooms.

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