Monday, December 3, 2012

New Directions Proposal: Take Me Home

Lasantha Rodrigo will present "Take Me Home"

Abstract: As a writer of nonfiction, in this piece I'm working with lyrical prose as well as poetry. At the heart of the piece is growing up, hybridy of place and belonging, and the trauma of growing up, especially colored by disability and longing for the less traumatic... In this nonfictional piece, I also want to focus on the heartache of shattered dreams as well as domestic violence packaged in brutal patriarchy. The disruption of innocence and the quest for greener pastures is once more ruptured by illness and disability. This is a song of yearning, a reflection of the bygone, and a meditation on the here and now.

Lasantha Rodrigo is a fourth year Ph.D. student, focusing on creative writing, especially through lenses of trauma, sexuality, racial othernness, and disability. Previously published in Sri Lanka (Man's Mission magazine, Explore Sri Lanka magazine), India (Oxford University Press, Scholastic), and the U.S. (Anak Sastra, SNReview). Earned a BA in theater and English Literature from Pacific Lutheran University, WA and two MAs from St. Bonaventure University, NY and University of Rochester, NY respectively.

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